February 25, 2021

KeyLogic (IIA Tech) Wins Major Sandia National Labs Subcontract with Encantado Technical Solutions

Encantado, a small business mentor-protégé joint venture between Edgewater (protégé) and ECS (mentor), has been awarded Sandia National Laboratories’ Third-Party Telecommunications and Information Technology (TPTIT) Support Services contract. The National Technology and Engineering Solutions of Sandia, LLC (NTESS) awarded the estimated $400-$700 million blanket purchase agreement to Encantado with a period of performance up to seven years. The contract provides comprehensive enterprise and mission-embedded IT support for Sandia National Laboratories personnel and the Lab’s infrastructure at multiple locations across the United States. IIA is a major subcontractor on the Encantado team along with Amentum Services, Inc.

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